For everyone who asks will receive, and anyone who seeks will find, and the door will be opened to those who knock". Matt.7:8;Isa 45:19.

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Statement of faith:

Parakletos Ministries International is interdenominational in spirit, evangelical in message, international in project , and is composed of a group of Christian believers whose aim is to reach the entire world with the Eternal Gospel News that Christ Jesus is returning soon to judge every body,irrespective of race, creed, faith or language, accordingly ;hence the time is come to worship, fear and exalt Him who made heaven,earth and all within them!

1) We believe that the bible is divinely inspired and it is as unchangeable, powerful and everlasting as it's author, the Lord God Almighty. (Matt. 24:35; Ps. 119:89,105; 1 Tim.3:16-17; 1 Pet.1:19-21.)

2) We believe that there is only One true and living God, maker of heaven and earth who is the Alpha and Omega ; that this God has three divinely equal but distinct personalities that are perfectly unified in the Eternal Godhead comprising of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. (Isa.43:10; John 3:16; John 1:1-3; Matt.1:23; 1 Tim.2:5; Eph.2:18; 1 John 5:7;John 15:26).

3) We believe that man was created sinless in God's image but willfully disobeyed God thus he became enslaved by satan; that God sent Jesus Christ His son to die for mankind while we were yet sinners; that anyone who accepts Christ atonement on the cross in simple faith and asked God for forgiveness would be saved cleansed from his/her confessed sins. (Gen.1:17; Rom.5:12,19;Isa.53:5; Titus 2:14; Isa.55:7; Heb.7:25; 1 John 1:9).

4) We believe that we are saved through grace upon sincere repentance and acceptance of our repentance by God; (Eph.2:8,13;Rom.3:10,23;Isa.64:6;John 6:37,47;Rom.6:23;Rom.5:1-2; Luke 1:77-79).

5) We believe in being born again by the Holy Spirit on accepting Christ as Lord and Savior; thus the new convert must produce the fruits of repentance by giving up old habits of sin.( John 3:3;2 Cor.5:17;John 15:19;Gal.2:20;Ps.1:1-2).

6) We believe in sanctification as an ongoing life experience of a believer. (1 Thes.4:3,5:23;2 Cor.7:1;Prov.4:18;Heb.6:1;Rom.8:5).

7) We believe in water baptism, the Lords' supper and Holy Spirit baptism. (Matt.28:19;Acts1:4748;Col.2:12;Rom.6:4;1Cor.11:18;2Cor.13:5;John 14:16-17;Acts 2:4;8:17).

8) We believe that Christians  should manifest the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit.(1 Cor.12;Rom.11:29;Rom.12:6-8;Luke 3:9).

9) We believe in Divine healing and miracles. (Matt.8:17;9:5;Mark 16:17-18;Acts 4:29-30;James 5:14-16).

10) We believe in Christ second coming and the white throne judgement:-(Mathew 24:29-31;1 Thess.4:13-18; Revealation 20:11-13,22:6-7).

11) We believe in a literal hell as a place of final purnishment for  the devil,his angels and all those who reject God's salvation through Christ Jesus; and in a literal new  earth under a new heaven as eternal resting place for all redeemed human beings . (Revealation 20:14, 22:14-15; 21:1-27).

12) We believe in Christian charity, tithing and offering. (Malachi 3:6-12; 1 Cor.16:1-2; 2 Cor.8:1-15 & Chapter 9).

                                       STATUS FOR GOOD SAMARITAN NETWORK

                      (G S N) No d’enregistrement:2006/005MISD/SG/DRI/SCC     [Benin Republic]

President: Apostle Tomson A Ajayejesu

Vice Prsident[Finance] : Nechwall Stephenia Bamouni 

Treasurer: Natacha Fashaya 

Operations Co-Ordinator : David Talla

Dierector Of Orphanage[Benin Republic] : Pastor Udor

Director of Social center[Budiburan Liberian Refugee Camp] Ghana: Sis. Agness Sassay

US Contact: Shalone Anderson    +18325074382


« Remove the chains of oppression and the yoke of injustice; empower the oppressed with modern education and vocational skills noted in Christian philosophy. Feed the hungry, house the houseless, help the needy, cloth the naked, care for orphans, widows and retired but poor senior citizens”  Isaiah 58 : 6-7.


Article 1:

Convinced of the need to avert ethno-religious and socio-economic crisis occasioned by poverty from flaring  up between the different tribes and class of Africa, an association called “Good Samaritan Network” is this day created under the 1901, July 1st law effective in Benin Republic.

Its Cotonou registered office is at C/654 maison AYOSSO Yaotcha, Jericho. Tel. 95 95 17 74 Republic of Benin and can be transferred elsewhere on General Assembly’s decision.

Having boundless life duration, “Good Samaritan Network” is a non- governmental, inter-denominational, non profit association denying involving in any political or ethnic and racially powered activity.


1)     “Good Samaritan Network” is an association of voluntary unpaid people wishing to work for the promotion and caring of spiritually, socially, physically and psychologically under privileged and abused people in a Christian environment.

2)     To establish social centres whereby vocational skill are taught to the under privileged who, lacking education are yet willing to compete economically and fairly in the larger society. These skills include hair dressing, pastry and confectioneries, handicrafts, carpentry, computer literacy and repair, food technology and selling, mechanised farming etc.

3)     To establish orphanages whereby idle, older widows can cater for fatherless and motherless poor children and war victims.


1)     To establish rehabilitating homes for converted cult and temple prostitutes willing to learn new and morally acceptable skills for livelihood.

2)     To establish educational training centres offering basic teaching to master the A-B-C of oral expression and writing form from preliminary to advance level and to confront the challenge of bilingualism thereby fostering greater communication between Anglo and Francophone peoples.

These centres will focus on helping participant get rid of inadequacies such as shame, inferiority complexes and intellectual insufficiency that will enable he/she function in all circles without ridicule.

The program will be supported by textbooks, cassettes, video, CD, computers and skilled professionals in various fields of studies.

The target is those willing to improve their intellect and education but lacking the financial means.


1)     To liaise with other international bodies for accreditation and improving the lot of ordinary Africans to modern standard.

Good Samaritan Network will collaborate with other local and international non-governmental agencies such as: USAID – UNO - FAO - RED CROSS etc… to promote poverty alleviation, educational competence, literacy, shelter and proper health of disadvantaged peoples, orphans, aged and war victims.

Training seminars will be held periodically to expose target audience to the possibility of good change.

Free food and clothing material shall be distributed to target audiences.

First aids, educational toys, electronic teaching aids, computers, vocational training will be prioritised.

Fixed properties, landed housing, movable items such as cars and trucks to get aids and materials into the interior and to target audiences, are needful.

Excursion trips for foreign sponsors to target audiences shall be pursued.