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The Call :

Apostle Tomson was born into the royal family of AJAYEOBA in ifelodun local government area of Kwara State in Nigeria. He is the third of four boys of devout evangelical parents who daily taught their chidlren from the bible and to pray . After graduating from university,he practiced successfully as a journalist in some of Nigeria's better known electronic and print media houses before going full time into ministry on May 25,1996.

He was 7 years old when God began talking to him(1 Samuel 3:); at that time he use to make believe that he was preaching to a stadium full of spectators in a healing prayer meeting whenever he went into the bathroom to take his bath. In one of those moments, he saw a shining bronze hand(Rev.1:15) out stretched from the ceiling towards him!

Unable to explain the phenomenon, he panicked and ran out,crashing through some of his family gathered behind the door listening to his preaching; then he hid under his parent's bed.However, there was no prophet Eli to explain the divine call.

His parents, however, tried their best to persuade him that what he saw was a figment of his imagination. Since they couldnt make him disbelieve the evidence of his own eye, he stopped preaching in the bathroom and at children's church for fear of the shinning bronze hand.

In 1994, he was re-introduced to the person of the Holy Spirit while watching a video teaching by  renowned Evangelist Benny Hinn who thereafter became his spiritual mentor even though they had neither met nor spoke directly till date! In addition, Apostle Tomson has been tremedously impacted and blessed by the teaching ministries of Apostle Smith WIgglesworth, Ayo Babalola( whom prior to ever knowing anything about this late apostle, God used to instruct the young Tomson, in a dream while praying for ministerial direction), Benson Idahosa ( who few years preceeding his death singled out the young Tomson to lay hands on and pray for amongst the crowd attending a biographical book launch on the late Arch Bishop that Tomsonwas covering as a reporter), A.W TOWZER, Watchman Nee,LT Kathryn Kulman, Aimee Semple Mcpherson, Gordon Lindsay, Dr Bob Mumford ,Dr Daniel Olukoya, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pst. Enoch .A.Adeboye, and the book God's General by Roberts Liardon.

On 6 of June 1997, at a prayer retreat, the Lord showed him a vision confirming His call upon him as he held in his hands a sack into which salt was being poured from heaven; the sack was full and pouring over[Numbers 18:19,2nd Chonicles 13:5] and a voice told him to "cross over to the other side and use the great power God has given him to do great work for Him because He has calmed every ministerial storm for him". Mark 4:35-41, Matt.5:13-16, .

He thereafter left Nigeria in faith with no fixed address for French west Africa and with just 5,ooo naira (having sold everything in his house and donating the proceeds to newly established churches outside of his denomination-1 Kings 19:21) embarked on a missionary journey that ended with God asking him to live in Benin republic for a season until he will be relocated . While maintaining a base here, he travels extensively across Africa and many other parts of the world including USA & Europe with great conversions, revival, healings, deliverances and restoration of the audiences following.

Apostle Tomson is a past Vice President of the Nigerian Ministers Association in Benin Republic and the current President of the Nigerian Missionary Forum in Benin republic with nationwide spread!

On 2 of March, 1999, God sent a renowned prophet of His, Yemi Aanu, to formally consecrate him into the office of a prophet.This was in recognition of his diligence in prophetic evangelism as he vigorously proclaims the covenant scripture of his calling wherever he goes that he "announce to the peoples of the earth in every race, tribe, language,and nation to honour God and praise His greatness! for His time to judge is imminent. Fear Him who made heaven, earth, sea, and the springs of water".Rev.14:6-7..

On 16 of December 2001, in a vision of the night, he was liftted into God's Heaven amidst great resistance by the hounds of hell but welcomed with thunderous applause by waiting angels(too numerous to count)and embraced by Jesus Christ who gave him a golden crown and told him that he, Tomson, has been consecrated an Apostle with a spiritual rank translated in English to mean "extra ordinary" with the mission to deliver the Church from seductive spirits and hypocrisy; to teach on repentance, deliverance, self discipline, restoration and healing with divine assurance to back him up with mighty signs and confirmations of whatever he declares in God.( 1 Corinth 15:8).

Apostle Tomson serves as pastor, missionary, teacher, counselor in several nations, and is internationally recorgnised as one of the leading apostles to the nations of our time! His monthly internet sermons touches countless worldwide and he is in great demand as a conference speaker, disciple maker and revivalist.

Non denominational and non-sectarian in his approach, Apostle Tomson has an uncanny ability to make Christ Jesus and biblical faith real to contemporary living; a constant feature of his call is the mix of prophetic evangelism( where strangers are sometimes called out by name and divine solutions to their problems revealed from pulpit:-1 Cor.14:24-25)  with strong miraculous healings and a devotion to spiritual warfare prayers.

 Apostle Tomson is happily married and blessed with children!


THE PURPOSE : Prophetic Apostle on an Evangelism Commission. (1990)Social Admin/ Pol. Sc; Federal University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

Apostle Tomson was raised by devout evangelical parents and began preaching at age 6 to his age mates. By age 7, he had been accorded the rear privilege of teaching his mates in the children church though his encounter in the bathroom halted his make believe crusade sessions while bathing. He assumed his first pastorate at age 24 when he was appointed to head the 6 member singles fellowship of his mother church, Foursquare gospel church, Iba estate which by divine inspiration, he christened "the divine helpmeet fellowship". This fellowship was to grow under him into the largest in the church. There were even members from other denominations who regularly attended it's meetings because of the demonstrated grace of God on Apostle Tomson.Today, he serves as the Presiding Apostle of Parakletos Ministries International, a rapidly growing global, multi-cultural congregation.
Under this umbrella, Apostle Tomson coordinates the following

This is an online and physical group of every convert won to God through this ministry. It is an intercessory department that daily lifts up the people of God in prayer so that Jesus, the shepherd of their soul, will guide them from falling back into sin and the Holy Spirit will lead them on the path of righteousness for His name sake. (Psalm23:3)


This is an online yahoo group through which Apostle Tomson ministers in prayer and counseling the truth and power of the gospel to countless people world wide cutting across the five inhabited continent of the earth via email.

In accordance with Psalm 96:2:3 that "we sing to the Lord, and praise Him, proclaiming everyday , the good -news that He has saved. Proclaiming His glory to the nations, His mighty deeds to all people".Through audio/visual tapes(Gospel Broadcasting Network) and print media( Eternal Gospel Newsletters which has a subscription rate of over 2,500 world wide, tracts and books) publications, we propagate the wondrous gospel committed to us for a witness unto the world. Thus helping converts to sustain true Christianity in this testing time that is visiting the world. Rev.3:10

"Share your food with the hungry and open your homes to the homeless poor. Give clothes to those who have nothing to wear and do not refuse to help your own relatives". Isaiah 58:7. Which caters to the poor,houses orphans,trains children.( see photo page for our current out-reach in Benin republic), caters for retired ministers with inadequate pension and supports up and coming young ministries lacking enough financial support irrespective of denomination

"Go ye therefore and teach all nations baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen" Matt.28: 19 - 20.
In fulfilment of this scripture, we are providing an indigenous free Bible training for our converts so that they can become soul winners and Pastor their people while defending the truth of Christ's once-for-all sacrifice at Calvary for our redemption and refuting Islamism and occultism.

Apostle Tomson also hosts Gilgal prayer Crusades (for healing, deliverance, salvation and restoration ) held in major cities across West Africa that draw in excess of 5,000 people to each location yearly.
Apostle Tomson serves on the Minister's Council of the Foursquare Gospel Church English section in Benin Republic and he is on the board of trustees of many Pentecostal and evangelical churches across West Africa due to his missionary spirit. In these arenas,he continues to build a reputation as a force for reconciliation and harmony across ethnic, denominational,generational and cultural divides.

In one fulfillment of God's promise that he would Pastor people from different races, Apostle Tomson has a thriving prayer and counselling ministry spanning Africa, Asia, Europe and North America to whom he ministers by telephone and on the internet to countless who fondly call him "Pastor" even though they have never met him in person.


Dont save your money in earthly banks beyond your needs, for all may be swept away at a moment's notice!

But invest it in the souls of men and you will find it with compound interest waiting for you in eternity--Luke 16: 9.
Join REHOBOTH FELLOWSHIP today, the covenant financial partners of P.M.I(Luke 8:1-3) who faithfully support the vision, and expect the impartation of the same unction of:

(1) Unusual Favor, (2) Unusual breakthroughs in every facet of life (3) Uninterupted Divine health (4)Divine protection and (5) Spiritual growth that rests on us to work for you. Matthew 10:40-42.

Your partnership with this ministry is the master key to your own dreams and goals. When you pray and sow into this vision, you should expect a harvest from your investment because your expectation is the magnet for your miracle returns. God does not respond to needs, He responds to seeds.

Request your lawyers and bankers to include P.M.I in your WILL and budget today.

You will be supporting deliverance ministry reaching the heathen with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the various phases of this ministry as elaborated above.
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